St. Hyacinth Catholic Church

 2921 Center Street

 Deer Park, Texas  77536





Fr. Reginald Samuels


Deacon Frank Berntsen   ext. 20
Business Manager
The Growing Vine, Baptismal and Marriage Prep., Annulments, Parish Social Ministry


Deacon Dennis Hickey (retired)

Church Secretary

Gloria Alvarado   ext.10

Director of Liturgy and Music

Pamella Pitman ext. 21

Faith Formation

Director of Faith Formation and Evangelization

Barbara Mackie ext. 22

Associate Director of Faith Formation and Evangelization

Pamela Johnson   ext. 18

Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Debi Tribble   ext. 27


Elana Rodriguez



Parish Employment Opportunities

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8 thoughts on “Contacts

    • In the left hand columns under categories click on Bulletins on line. When the page comes up click on the date that you are looking for, they are listed form the most recent into the past. You must have a program that will open PDF formated documents such as Adobe Reader.

  1. I’m wrong. It’s Lumen Gentium and Dei Verbum I’m reading online. But they”re too long, so I’d like to download copies. Can you help me?

    • Dear Mary,
      We have many of the church documents directly linked on our web page. Go under the header of faith formation then to church documents. We also have links directly to the vaticann web page.
      Hope this helps in your studies.
      My peace and blessings
      Dcn Frank

  2. Dear Kris Anne,
    Our registration forms for Faith Formation can be accessed directly from the link on the home page. Also if you go under Faith Formation/Evangelization and select Faith Formation for Children and teens you will not only find link to forms you are looking for, but also information on our Faith Formation program.
    Thank you for your interest
    the webmaster

  3. Do you have CCE Classes? I have a 6 yr old and an 12 yr old and i would like them to do there communions. We don’t belong to a church but i do see you are down the street form us.

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